I'm a lover not a fighter
Michael Jackson, "The Girl Is Mine", from the album "Thriller", 1982
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Publication Sergio EspaŮa and Chris van der Maaten and Jens Gulden and ”scar Pastor, A Survey of Ethical Reasoning Methods, their Metamodels, and a Discussion on their Application to Conceptual Modelling, 2023. More...
Publication Iris Beerepoot and DaniŽl Barenholz and Stijn Beekhuis and Jens Gulden and Suhwan Lee and Xixi Lu and Sietse Overbeek and Inge van de Weerd and Jan Martijn van der Werf and Hajo A. Reijers, A Window of Opportunity: Active Window Tracking for Mining Work Practices, 2023. More...
Publication Jens Gulden and Alexander Rachmann, The Square of Values for Modeling Human Values in Requirements Engineering, 2023. More...
Organizing the workshop ViVa RE! '23 Workshop on Virtues and Values in Requirements Engineering in Barcelona. More...
Publication Gulden, Jens, Special section of business process modeling, development and support (BPMDS) 2019: transformative BPMDS, 2021. More...

Science in the spirit of humanity and freedom.
With the clarity of information systems science
and the depth of philosophy.

I am teaching and doing research as a member of the Business Process Management and Analytics research group at the department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University (video).

My professional roots are located at the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum fŁr Kulturtechnik at Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin.

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